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The Leadership

400 Fund

Empowering & Equipping the Next Generation of African-American Leaders

Why 400

August 2019 marks the 400-year anniversary of the arrival of the first slaves in Jamestown, the only group to arrive in America against their will. As we approach this 400-year anniversary, we sense a special significance in the number "400." We see God release the Israelites after 400 years of captivity in Egypt. We see God end the period of His silence between the Old and New Testaments after 400 years, when He ushered in the New Covenant. African Americans have endured indescribable pain and suffering, being subjected to centuries of abominations and injustices. As one of the most tragic parts of America’s history, slavery with its modern implications remains an open wound.  The largely unconfessed sin of the subjugation and oppression of an entire people group begs a unified response from the Church. As Christians commemorate the 400-year anniversary, we must acknowledge and address the impact of slavery in the lives and souls of our African American brothers and sisters.  We cannot allow this 400-year anniversary to pass without a substantial move towards healing and justice. We believe this season of remembrance can act as a healing balm to the racial wounds of our nation, furthering spiritual renewal. Our prayer is that again God would say "400 is enough" and do a new work in our country. 


In collaboration with OneRace Movement, The Leadership 400 Fund’s official launch coincides with the 2-Day 400 Conference on August 2-3rd, 2019 at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Through prayer and fasting, relationship and collaboration, OneRace exists to displace the spirit of racism and release a movement of racial reconciliation across Atlanta, the Southeast, and the nation. The multiple gatherings in August 2019 serve to help us journey together in unity into the heart of God as we seek to know, own and change the story in an effort to spur on racial unity and healing.

Why 400

The Leadership 400 Fund Advisors

Dr. Crawford Loritts

We have formed a majority African-American board based in Atlanta, Georgia that will meet regularly to pray and select appropriate grant recipients. Our vision is to distribute funds to redemptive and restorative initiatives while investing in the next generation of African Americans. Grants will be made on a decentralized basis to impactful non-profit organizations working to mentor, educate and support emerging African American leaders and students.


Jack Alexander

Jack Alexander has a heart and passion for God and seeing His Kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven.”


He is Chairman of The Reimagine Group, a content company that serves the faith-based market, and a software company, Rali ( He is the author of two books – The God Impulse: The Power of Mercy in an Unmerciful World and The God Guarantee: Finding Freedom from the Fear of Not Having Enough (foreword by Timothy Keller). 


Jack is a graduate of Duke University. He and his wife, Lisa, have been married for over 40 years and have three grown sons and seven grandchildren.


Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Darryl Ford serves as the Lead Pastor of a community, Ikon, that strives to image God around the rich diversity and history that is Atlanta. Darryl's deep passion is to see his deep gladness meet the deep hungers of the world (Frederick Buechner).


Darryl formerly served in the U.S. Air Force as a meteorologist and holds a B.S. in information systems as well as an M.S. in management, strategy and leadership. He and his wife, Patricia, live in Tucker with their three children: Paige, Audrey and Sebastian.


Dr. Crawford Loritts

Pastor Crawford Loritts was ordained to the ministry in March 1972. He attended Cairn University in Philadelphia, PA graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Bible with an emphasis on pastoral studies. He and his wife, Karen, married on May 22, 1971. 

He has traveled throughout the US, Caribbean, Asia, Canada, South America, Africa and parts of Europe preaching in churches, evangelical outreaches, conferences, in colleges and seminaries. He has also been the featured speaker at Super Bowls, NCAA Final Four Chapel, and the Pentagon with senior military officers.

Darryl Ford


Contribute to The Leadership 400 Fund

We invite every American to pray about an appropriate response and contribute in amounts related to the “400” theme: 

$40, $400, $4,000, $40,000, $4M, $40M

Together we can work to promote racial healing across our nation.


The Leadership 400 Fund has been set up as a donor-advised fund through National Christian Foundation.


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